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Valley Mindfulness offers a range of programs and services for individuals and organizations. These include:

These private and business programs can take place in our classroom, at your location, and online.


If you are seeking training and support for your work as a mindfulnes teacher, coach, or therapist, please click here to see our professional training and support services.



Private sessions

One option:
A private course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC).

  • Private versions of the MBSR and MSC courses follows the same curriculums as the group course.
  • It includes the same 9 sessions as in the group course, although these sessions are shorter in length due to the on-to-one format (no group discussions). There are 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each and one additional 3-hour session — 15 hours in total.
  • Sessions are scheduled at mutually convenient times, typically one session per week during an 8-12 week period of time.
  • Private MBSR and MSC courses utilize the same materials as the group courses and include the same guided meditation recordings for daily home practice.
  • Cost:
    • The cost for the full program (including all materials) is $1,500 for one person, payable in advance. The effective hourly rate for this 15 hour program is $100.
    • For two people in the same household, the total fee is $2,500. Sessions are typically 15 minutes longer than with the one-to-one programs and so the two-person verison of the program includes 17 hours total. We are glad to offer this program for couples and for others in close relationships.
    • If you would like to arrange a program for a small group, please ask us to quote a fee. We can accommodate groups of any size. Please note that sessions will need to be longer, depending on the size of the group.
  • Locations:
    • In-person sessions  are not available at this time due to Covid.
    • Online sessions utilize technologies such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Skyoe so that, as much as possible, we can meet face-to-face. These applications can allow for both private and small group sessions. Please contact us for details.

Which is better a private course or a group course?

    • Advantages of the Private format
      • Sessions can be scheduled at mutually convenient times.
      • Flexible scheduling can adjust as needed for illness, business travel, a planned vacation, etc. An 8-week program can be stretched over 9 or 10 weeks, or even more, due to special circumstances.
      • Greater attention can be focused on personal issues and challenges.
      • Private sessions can accomodate any privacy concerns. Sometimes, for personal or professional reasons, a person might not feel comfortable participating in a group. (Please note that everyone in our group classes makes an explicit agreement to maintain confidentiality).
    • Advantages of the Group format course
      • There is enormous wisdom in a group. Participants in a group class learn a great deal from each other.
      • Support and comradery in the group can be powerful aids in meeting many of the common challenges people face integrating the practice of mindfulness in daily life.
      • This is the original, intended format for MBSR.

Other options for private sessions

Sessions can be arranged that would meet specific needs and objectives.

For example, one might book a few sessions to get a taste of what meditation practices can offer, or to begin a meditaiton practice that does not involve the full MBSR or MSC programs.

If you have already trained in MBSR or MSC (or have other meditation training such as silent retreats) and you would like support for your existing practice, please click here for our Private Mentoring Program.

Private sessions:

  • Sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes in length and may be scheduled as needed. Initial sessions are typically 90 minutes.
  • The fee is $150 per hour for one person, $200 per hour for two people (couples, family menbers, very close friends).
  • Any needed materials such as meditation books and CDs would be extra.
  • Sessions can be held in-person (in our office) or online. In-person sessions at a client's office or home can be arranged, although the cost would be higher.

>>> If you wish to REGISTER for a private or small group mindfulness program, please click here.

>>> For general questions, please visit our Contact page.



Training Programs for Organizations and Businesses

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and meditation classes can be offered to organizational staff as stand-alone programs and also as part of a comprehensive staff development effort. These programs can be customized to meet the needs of each organization.

>>> Click here to contact Valley Mindfulness if you have questions about this program.

Some quotes from recent workshop participants:

"Very helpful. Excellent instructor."

"A good mix of instruction and meditation."

"An excellent intro to meditation."

"David Spound has impeccable credentials with current brain science as a fundament of his practice. I would without hesitation refer anyone with an ounce of imagination to him. I felt entirely safe and respected. I was gratified to learn that there is no way practicing "mindfulness" is ever anything but the right way to do it. Imagine—something everybody can do the right way! How often does this happen in life? The workshop provided me personal benefits beyond my expectations."
Liv Pertzoff, LICSW, Northampton





"Certain ailments have traditionally been recognized as being psychosomatic because they are especially responsive to stress... the list can be greatly expanded to the universe of illnesses and diseases because today we have reason to believe that any ailment can be affected by stress emotions... In some instances stress exacerbates an ailment even when its main cause is not psychological. In other instances, psychological stress is considered a primary cause."
Richard Lazarus, Professor of Psychology emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley

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